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ShelterSA Initiatives - Advocacy
ShelterSA Initiatives - Advocacy

Shelter SA advocates for improved housing outcomes for South Australians who are living on low incomes and in housing need.

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Our advocacy aims to influence policy, legislative, funding and service delivery decisions within political, economic and social systems and institutions. Our advocacy includes media campaigns, public speaking, research and community engagement to promote public debate and raise awareness about housing affordability.

Advocacy in all its forms seeks to ensure that people, particularly those citizens who are in need and are most vulnerable in society, are able to:

  • Have their needs included in decisions that affect them
  • Defend and safeguard their rights
  • Have their voices genuinely considered when decisions are being made about them


ShelterSA Initiatives - Advocacy
ShelterSA Initiatives - Advocacy

Shelter SA informs and recommends policy changes or resists policy changes, where needed, to improve housing outcomes for people living on low incomes in South Australia. View Shelter SA's Policy Position.

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Policies and legislation shape the way institutions and organisations operate and can have a huge impact on people’s everyday lives. Policies are used to determine eligibility for services, provision of resources, and determining courses of action. Shelter SA informs and recommends policy changes or resists policy changes, where needed. View Shelter SA's Policy Position


ShelterSA Initiatives - Research
ShelterSA Initiatives - Advocacy

Our research is conducted to support our advocacy. Systematic investigation and community consultation are used to create our evidence based policy positions that aim to improve housing outcomes for people living on low incomes.

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If there is an area where we believe there is not enough existing evidence to support a recommendation for change, systematic investigation into it and community consultation are used to create our evidence based policy positions.

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ShelterSA Initiatives - Advocacy

Find Help and Support

View our Multicultural Directory, Regional Services Directory or access the Homelessness Service Provider Directory


ShelterSA Initiatives - Advocacy

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Rental Survey

Evicted - Rental Exist Survey
ShelterSA Initiatives - Advocacy

Calling all South Australian renters, landlords and property managers to take our three-minute survey "Moving On" about the end of  tenancies and share on your socials!

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"Employment services simply aren’t working. People should not be forced to participate in this failing system, and @anglicare_aust recommends an end to compulsory participation" 🫡

Anglicare data on suspensions & breaches:
- 62% said they weren't given a clear explanation for the breach
- 73% said they weren't given a chance to show they hadn't done anything wrong
- 46% said being breached meant they had to turn to family, friends, or charity for help

Submission #215 - @anglicare_aust

In their survey of job seekers:
- 70% said Mutual Obligations aren't helping them find work
- 79% said their MOs "feel pointless"
- 85% said they aren't getting the support they need

when you actually ask job seekers, the evidence is clear

Rent assistance can ease rental stress, but it won’t help low-income earners find secure + affordable housing when it’s in such short supply.

🏠 It also won't stop disadvantage being concentrated in some areas, write experts from @RMIT + @Macquarie_Uni. https://bit.ly/3TDHHRJ

Leaders of the major faith-based charitable organisations in Australia will gather at federal parliament house today to urge all parliamentarians to support the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

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Capital Asset

Capital Asset
ShelterSA Initiatives - Advocacy

Our build to rent model removes the cost of land from construction costs for not for profits, and ultimately helps to improve and increase housing options for South Australians living on low incomes.


Pickle App ios android
ShelterSA Initiatives - Advocacy

The Pickle app connects people who are experiencing homelessness, at risk of homelessness, or in unsafe situations, to the nearest service organisation, ensuring they get the help they need when they need it.


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The Shelter Moving On report is launched today! The first ever report shines

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